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Thread: VietAbroader's Essay Mentorship Project 2012

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    Default VietAbroader's Essay Mentorship Project 2012

    VietAbroader's Essay Mentorship Project 2012

    Dear all VietAbroaders,

    As another thrilling season of applications to US colleges is quickly coming up, our Forum team has taken a new initiative to assist this year’s applicants in their essay writing process, which definitely plays a critical role in gaining the valuable acceptance letters.

    In order to continue our timeless mission of "Empowering Vietnamese youth", we are now proudly presenting you our Essay Mentorship Project 2012 with the following details for those who wish to become Mentors and Mentees:

    For Mentor positions:

    Though this is a completely volunteer-based project, we would highly appreciate if potential Mentors could prove to be committed to helping evaluate essays of young applicants on a regular basis. Moreover, frequent visits to VA Forum, especially prior to application deadlines, as well as mentoring skills such as patience and inspiration are also strongly recommended.

    For Mentee positions:
    • All registered forum members who are applying for colleges and have difficulties writing an essay are eligible for becoming mentees.
    • Essays written by Mentees will then be uploaded onto VA Forum in separate threads in the designated area of the Essay box after we finalize the list of official Mentors in late-August.
    • Essays to be reviewed can range from CommonApp and Supplements to Standardized tests such as TOEFL and SAT, as long as they are not copied from any other sources and ensure to avoid basic grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

    With all these efforts, we sincerely hope that not only will future applicants be more confident and successful in their pursuit of American dreams, but the interactions between Mentors and Mentees in particular, as well as within VietAbroader’s Circle of friends will be widely expanded and deeply enhanced.

    Should you come up with any questions regarding this project, feel free to post here or shoot us an email at

    Thank you for your reading!

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    Hi everyone,

    Our big apology for having not kept you all updated with what's going on with this project. We're also sorry for taking such a long time to prepare for it. But wait no more! After a few months, we have successfully invited these lovely Mentors, who we believe will help strengthen your applications a great deal:

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    1. Vũ Xuân Quỳnh Hương
    _ University of Minnesota/ St. Olaf' 12 - Majors: Pharmacy Biology and Chemistry
    _ Forum ID: terk
    2. Trịnh Đức Minh
    _ Harvard University' 14 - Major: Government
    _ Forum ID: minhdaubua
    3. Thái Thành Nam
    _ Trinity College' 15- Major: Undeclared
    _ Forum ID:
    4. Trần Vũ Toàn
    _ Wesleyan University
    _ Forum ID: mazafuka
    5. Nguyễn Vũ Phúc Thụ
    _ Duke University' 16- Major: Biochemistry
    _ Forum ID: thunguyen209
    6. Ngô Tăng Huyền Trang
    _ Bentley University' 15- Majors: Corporate finance and Accounting
    _ Forum ID:
    7. Tiết V. Tuấn
    _ UC Davis - Major: Biotechnology
    _ Forum ID: ttiet
    8. Lê Tấn Việt
    _ Texas Christian University' 15 - Major: Mechanical Engineering
    _ Forum ID: ltviet
    9. Lê Thu Hạnh Trang
    _ Bates College' 15- Mạjor: Economics
    _ Forum ID: le_thu_hanh_trang

    Of course, the list will go on. If there's anyone interested in being a Mentor to help revise applicants' essays on the forum, do not hesitate to contact us at We also welcome all suggestions or ideas to improve this project.

    Now with this list officially released, forum members who are applicants this year are eligible for uploading their essays to the Essay box and having them reviewed by our wonderful Mentors. Please be mindful a few things as followed:
    _ Essays should minimize spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors.
    _ Mentors will chiefly focus on the content, word choice, and structure. But they are more than welcome to give more input if they want.
    _ Mentors will be assigned the essays every Friday and have 2 weeks at most for revision. We will try to make it faster when the application deadlines approach.

    With all these efforts, best of luck to Class of 2017 and many years later. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to shoot us an email at Thank you

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