What Is VAPedia?

VAPedia is a highly collaborative and reliable studying abroad resource which helps shaping a deep understanding of how and why Vietnamese students should study abroad in the United State. We provide comprehensive information about admission, financial aid, college life, and visa application for students of high schools, colleges, community colleges applicants as well as for teachers and parents.

The Team

VAPedia was founded in 2007. It was previously led by Long Ho (Lafayette College’10), Dang Trinh, and Thu Pham and is now led by Thao Nguyen (Cornell College ’15). Also, VAPedia team also receives support from 7 Associates:

  • Nguyen Gia Ngoc, Hanoi-Amsterdam '10
  • Nguyen Thi Xuan Hoa, St. Olaf College '15
  • Ta Nguyen Chi, Worcester Polytechnic Insitute '16
  • Bui Huy Binh, Green Mountain College '14
  • Huynh Ninh Khang, Emory University '14
  • Hoang Ngoc Ton Nu Nguyet Minh, Cornell College ’16
  • Nguyen Nhat Chi, Illinois Wesleyan University ’15

IT support:  Do Danh Viet, FPT '15

Why VApedia?

VAPedia is a comprehensive information and advice resource directly coming from the Vietnamese students who have successfully applied and studied in the U.S. You can find both basic and advanced information about studying abroad, catering users’ different needs.

School Insiders and Reflections are VApedia’s signature projects. Aiding students, in school selection process, School Insiders articles present U.S. schools’ information provided by current attending students, allowing users to acquire deeper understanding of the interest schools.Reflections feature profile, personal experience, and advice from student succeeding in US school application; users can also learn from their mistakes, and more importantly, they can get inspiration during their application process.

Users are welcome to contribute or edit articles.

Contact Us:

For questions and more information, please contact us via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it