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VietAbroader Club (VA Club) is a junior chapter of VietAbroader, enabling high schoolers to actively take initiatives and meaningfully impact their communities. Each club chapter run independently with their own creativity and passion, supervised and mentored by VietAbroader Management team.

VietAbroader Club Hanoi

Outstanding activities in year 2018 – 2019:

      1. Polaris Career Conference

            14/07/2019 | Vietnam Women’s Academy | +200 participants 

Polaris is a conference organized in Hanoi which aims to equip high school students with career-oriented knowledge and inform them of prominent future choices. The conference’s format is flexibly modified over the years, allowing the participants exciting interactions with speakers while immersing into the world of future careers. Polaris 2019 marked the fifth whole-day conference held in Hanoi with 200+ participants.

      2. Teen Entrepreneur

          01/2018 – 04/2018 | BKUP Co-working Space, TOONG Co-working Space | +100 participants 

Teen Entrepreneur (TE) is an entrepreneurship competition designed specifically for high school students to propose business ideas and creative ventures. Being one of the first entrepreneurship competitions for students in Hanoi, since 2013, TE has achieved a long-held reputation and become a source of encouragement for the youth in Hanoi to enhance their creativity and follow their business pursuits. TE 2018 marked the sixth competition hosted in Hanoi with 100+ competitors and 6 excellent teams in the Finale.

VietAbroader Club Hanoi

VietAbroader Club Ho Chi Minh City

Outstanding activities in year 2018 – 2019:

      1. NPO Fair 2019: CONCERTO

          16/06/2019 | The Adora Grand View | 400 participants

Extracurricular Activities Ambassadors: Trung Tin Nguyen (Founder – SIUMUN), Hoang Thu Nguyen Truong (Founder – The People), My Chi Nguyen (Inspirational Blogger), Thanh Tu Tran Vo (Event Producer – Festival LHP), Thao Vy Dang Thuy (Founder – BOUND Yoga), Thuy Trang Le Nguyen (Founder – Eunoia Project)

Annual extracurricular activities fair of VietAbroader Club HCM to connect between organizations/projects and young people. The event gathered more than highly-regarded 30 non-profit partners, facilitated discussions, counseling, and networking in the high school extracurricular community. It also pushed for a good spirit in extracurricular activities, with equal emphasis on personal development and contribution to the community.

       2. ƯƠM – TỎA: The Journey to Find Ourselves and Explore Saigon

          18 – 19/05/2019 | Fulbright University Vietnam & HCMC’s centre | 120 participants (ƯƠM Talkshow); 60 participants (TỎA Scavenger hunt)

          Partner with: SEALNet Project Brunei 2018, SEALNet Project Vietnam 2018

          Guest Speakers: Ms. Thu Giang Tran Le (Vlogger Giang Ơi), Mr. Petey Majik Nguyen (Magician), Mr. Uu Dam Tran Nguyen (Optical Artist), Ms. Nhu Quynh Nguyen Vu (Traveller).

ƯƠM is a colloquial talking session on the topic “Personal Hobbies.” Through close, open sharing models such as Circle Talk, ƯƠM offered new insights into questions like finding, developing, and maintaining one’s personal hobby in the face of social stigma, balancing between personal hobby and important life goals (academic & work). TỎA is a Scavenger Hunt that brought about a recreational experience on the topics: Culture and Social problems.

TỎA aims at a learn-through-awareness experience, connecting the themes seemingly overlooked by the city’s youngsters: The beauty of Saigon’s modern lifestyle in contrast with its “pains.”

      3. iDeal – a Persuasive Manner workshop

          03/03/2019 | CirCo Coworking Space | 70 participants

Guest Speakers: Mr. Hoai Chung Truong Pham (Founder – Stella Education), Mrs. Bao Ngoc Nguyen (Key User Manager – Bosch Vietnam), Ms. Thao Vy Dang Thuy (Founder – Bound Yoga), Ms. Yen Tran Vo Le (Freshman – Drexel University).

The workshop aims to help attendants achieve their goals in personal and professional lives through more “Persuasive Manners”. When the young generation is becoming increasingly dependent on others’ decisions, iDeal helps them open the door to new opportunities, connect with new relationships, and enhance personal growth.

VietAbroader Club Ho Chi Minh City


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